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Line of Business

​          (Line of Business: Computer software consultancy and computer/Console game products/services.)

  1. Products and Services – AccountX online website will provide different services of Computer software consultancy and computer/console game tips and Guidance for improvement.

  2. Products Function:

    • Instant Delivery of the Products and services will be completed within 24Hrs of Payment.

    • Provide a simple interface and platform to ease the process of buying as well as selling products online.

    • Have easy and smooth functionality and efficiency that adds to buyers’ confidence.

    • Notifying orders and Delivery reports to customers.

  3. AccountX Working-​

    1. Products/Service (Lob.)-​

      • Gaming Tips and Guidance – We have a professional team that will assist customers in computer/console gaming services.

      • Computer Software Consultancy – Those customers who got errors in their computers will buy our Consultancy services and our Support member will help them and solve their issue.

    2. Selling – All the Services will be listed here who are interested in our services can buy our services and products directly from the shop.​

    3. Order Details – All the products/services delivery are instant and services delivery will be done within 24hrs of payment and details will be sent to the customer's email address.

    4. Disbursement Updates – After Purchasing products, we will complete the delivery of the full product after which we will give time for checking the product for 2 days if the customer does not have an issue, then the order payment will be shifted to the bank, or if the customer has an issue and refund policy are accepted then refund will be imitated.

    5. Contact Us - we have a form on our contact us page on our website where I will review the tickets of the customer or users and will give them the best solution possible by following all policies.

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